Are you a fan of baklava but trying to follow a keto lifestyle? Do you miss the flaky, nutty sweetness of this classic Mediterranean dessert?
Say hello to our sensational Keto Baklava Cups! Captivating Mediterranean Flavors, Keto-Style, experience the magic of traditional baklava without compromising your health goals. Our Keto Baklava Cups are carefully crafted to capture the authentic flavors of this beloved dessert, made keto-friendly. Every bite is a delicious journey through layers of carefully sourced ingredients, harmonizing in a symphony of taste.

Ingredients:  Cream Cheese, Butter, Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Ground Golden Flex , Egg Yolk , Nuts, Cinnamon, Allulose, Water, Lemon Zest, Cinnamon Stick

Nutritions per 50g: Calories 199.85 Kcal | Fat 18.26 gm  | Net Carb 2.06g | Protein 4.54 gm

Quantity: 100g approx